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  • Marcus Thompson

Moving and managing the cloud

Learn how we can plan, migrate, and support your move to the cloud - Organisations have all heard of the ‘cloud’ in some form and may even be using it; either on premises, completely in the cloud or a combination of both (Hybrid). Cloud platforms provide extremely high levels of availability and uptime, but they also allow for cost reductions in the form of infrastructure spend and support costs.

However, the process of moving your applications, decommissioning hardware, ensuring patching and compatibility are addressed can all be troublesome and daunting tasks. While organisations may have excellent internal IT teams who could ‘possibly’ take on the task, it should never be taken lightly and not without some expert help and guidance.

So, how can I be successful in this move?

Some of the key areas to be understood and addressed are:

Proper Planning

Who will do what, timeframes to complete, budget, impact on business, downtime, what will move

Proper Specification of requirements

What environment specifications do you need when you move, what connectivity will be required, how much storage will be needed, do applications need to be upgraded first? All really specific questions that need to be thought about prior to any move.

Will my applications work?

Will applications, running on existing hardware and operating systems, actually run in the latest versions of the cloud platforms? Will vendors support me or do I need different support models?

Migration Order

What systems should be migrated first and Identification of your critical applications, how do you intend to move to the cloud, who will move your data, how will your business continue during this move?

Post Move Completion – Now What?

Did I achieve my improvements and benefits and how can I measure that? Have I cost reductions? What is my ongoing support requirements now? Do I need to change my reporting requirements, policies and procedures, decommission existing/old environment?


Testing of your Disaster Recovery and/or Business continuity needs should be planned and performed. Processes need to be changed now that everything is moved. Are my Backup routines different?

Ongoing support and management

Do you have the skills internally to support your new environment? If you have an existing support provider, can they continue to support you? How can I be innovative and keep current and relevant?

HyperSync has the technical expertise, certified and trained resources, tools and technologies and numerous previous moves under our belts to support your move. We create customised solutions and plans that not only suit you specifically, but aligned to your industry as well.

We have planned and executed countless moves for our customers and helped them realise the benefits and cost savings they envisaged.

As your strategic MSP and partner, we will be beside you at every step to ensure your move is smooth and painless. Speak to us!

HyperSync and You….better together.

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