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 Telco, Fintech, and Healthcare companies

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Our clients are typically innovators in their own sectors who are looking to transform or enhance how they currently operate. It may be a need to control costs due to budget constraints, resourcing and headcount issues, IT support concerns or looking to outsource. Our clients come in all shapes and sizes and we work to develop solutions specific to their needs.

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We provision and manage large IT infrastructure and service requirements for clients who operate at multiple geographically dispersed locations. Enabling and managing mobile workforce to streamline business operations keeping the focus on the core business objectives and outsource non-core operations such as IT. We address critical resource shortages using our managed resource service for key business projects requiring skills not available in-house.

“HyperCentral has really started to transform and touch every area of our IT and business operations.”
JOE MCCUSKER, Managing Director, Cybersecurity and Managed Services, Agio

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