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Companies going cloud crazy – Don't let your company get left behind.

Updated: Aug 6, 2019

Business today have been experimenting more and more with cloud technology and apps. However, there are still a percentage of businesses that delay or haven’t really considered moving to the cloud. In this post we will be explaining these companies and how migrating to the cloud might not be as nail-biting as some of you may think. This blog post will aim to convince you why the cloud is and remains the way of the future for you and your company.

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Difficulties companies face with the cloud

Maybe you have been considering how you should go about dabbling into the cloud or what vendor you should go for. Maybe your team isn’t fully quipped or trained to deal with a complex cloud environment. Many companies also still also worry about the security of their data in the cloud and their performance or bandwidth.

Let the numbers speak for themselves

Statistics in the past year from Forbes have shown that 67% of enterprises are running apps on (45%) and experimenting on (22%) the Microsoft Azure platform. 18% of enterprises are using Google’s Cloud Platform for applications today, with 23% evaluating the platform for future use. The most common reason for this increase is to reduce the cost of expanding their existing infrastructure as this would involve installing and maintaining new applications and databases for these applications, they can access easily through a third party on the cloud.

While costs are a major factor in the increase in cloud adoption by companies it’s not the only reason. The demographic for adoption seems to be split somewhat as research has also shown that smaller businesses seem to be leaning towards cloud technology for certain areas of their business like their communications, Storage, and accounting while medium to large businesses seem to be looking to transform their enterprises as a whole.

  • 42% of companies have adopted 2 a cloud infrastructure because of the instant access to data and work outside of the office.

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